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Speed up WordPress Site with Just 3 Plugins [100% Guaranteed ]

Website load time is one of the 200 ranking factors of Google. If your site is loading slowly then you are losing rankings and traffic. So to gain higher rankings you have to decrease the load time of your site.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to speed up WordPress site with plugins.

I am going to use only 3 Plugins which will decrease the load time of your site in no time. I’ll also tell you the best settings which you have to apply to improve site speed.

Before you go into the detail I want you to see the screenshot of my site loading time so you could know what I’m talking really works.

speed up WordPress site

I’m using everything same as I’m going to mention you in this article.

The Plugins which I use are:

  1. Autoptimize (By Frank Goossens (futtta))
  2. WP Fastest Cache  (By Emre Vona)
  3. WP Smush   (By WPMU DEV )

Tools to check website speed!

There are many tools available to check site speed, but I recommend you to use the following tools:


Now, let’s come to our main topic!

Speed up WordPress Site with Just 3 Plugins

Let’s start learning the process of speeding up your site step by step.

1. Autoptimize

Go to the plugins section and install the Autoptimize plugin. After installing, activate it and leave the settings as it is.

You don’t have to do any settings for this plugin.

2. WP Fastest Cache

This is a very important cache plugin and very easy to configure. After installing it, go to the settings of the plugin and then do the settings mentioned here.

These are the ideal settings and will boost your site like a rocket.

3. WP Smush

This plugin reduces the size of the images. Images are very important for the website but if you add heavy images to your site then it will increase the load time of your website.

To reduce the size of images you need this plugin and the great thing is you do not have to change the settings of this plugin. When you install it, it will automatically reduce the size of the images which are already there and which you’ll add in future.


After doing all this, check the speed of your site with the above mentioned 2 tools. You will see a huge difference and this is how you can speed up WordPress site with plugins.

This will also help you rank higher in search engines.

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