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A complete SEO Beginners Guide

This is a very comprehensive Post about SEO Basics and some of the SEO tips. In this article you will learn about:

  • How to do Keyword Research?
  • What actually is S.E.O ( On-Page and Off-Page )?
  • Some of the useful SEO Tips for the Beginners.

So these are some of the topics that we cover in detail in this Article.

1. Keyword Research:

Search Engine Optimization begins with Keyword Research. This is the first and most crucial step of S.E.O. Without the proper keyword research, you cannot do the correct optimization. Every newcomer must know the importance of keyword research.

The best tool to do keyword research is the Google AdWord keyword planner tool.

  • Which things you have to keep in mind while choosing a keyword?

As a beginner in the field of optimization, you have to take in consideration the following things. These are the SEO basics.

  • You must have to choose long tail Keywords
  • The competition of the keywords should be low
  • The keywords have good search volume

What are Long Tail Keywords?


seo basics


As you can see in the picture that most of the keywords have 3 words. So such type of keywords up to 2, 3 or 4 words in them are called Long Tail Keywords. I recommend every new S.E.O user to choose long tail keywords as they are easy to rank in search engines. But keep one thing in mind that in the keyword you do not choose any stopping words like to, for, in, from, of etc. They will put a negative impact on your Optimization.


What is Keyword Competition and Search Volume?


seo basics


Look at the picture here you will see the Competition and monthly searches of the keywords. There are keywords with low and medium competition and they also have very good monthly search volume.

So in your case as a beginner choose those keywords which have low competition and a minimum of 2000 monthly search volume. Why I am saying you to choose low competitive keywords because they are easy to rank higher in Search Engines. With time when you build authority in search engines then you can choose later on the medium or high competitive keywords.

  • One Last Thing in the Keyword Research…

After choosing a keyword check one last thing put the keyword in google search and see what comes in the top ten results. If on the first page comes sites like Wikipedia, Moz or those which have more than 5 Page Rank then simply leave that keyword and choose some other. As you as a beginner cannot Outrank these sites. Because if you cannot come in the first 3 results in Google then this is simply the waste of time.


2. On-Page and Off-Page SEO Basics:

The Keyword Research is complete and now we are beginning with the On-Page SEO Basics.

On-Page S.E.O:

As the name On-Page indicates, we have to do Optimization On the page. But the Question is: How? And I am going to Answer this Question.

Follow the step by step Instructions to do the On-Page Optimization:

*** Keyword Density and Keyword Placement:

Keyword Density means in which amount you have to put the keyword and keyword placement means where you have to place the keyword.

So, I recommend you that For every 150 words put your keyword 1 time. For Example, if you write an article of 600 words then you have to use your Focus Keyword ( main keyword ) 4 times, not more than 4 times and not less than it.

Now let us talk about Keyword Placement. You must have to put your Keyword in the First Paragraph of the article. Then Use your focus keyword also in the H2 Heading. These two places are very much important and then you can use your keyword where you want.

*** Length of the Article:

This is also very important. Do not write any article of fewer than 300 words. I advise you to keep the length between 500-1500. Any article less than 300 words are considered Junk and it will be difficult to rank it.

*** Heading and Description of the article:

Seo basics

The length of heading and description and the keyword placement in it also plays an important role in ranking your site for your Focus Keywords.

In the Heading use your Focus Keyword at Start, start means begin your heading with your focus keyword and keep the length of the heading between 50-70 Characters.

In the description, you can use your focus keyword where you want but keep the length between 120-150 Characters.

*** Image in the Article:

Add at least one image in your article related to your content and place your keyword in the ALT Section of your Image.

*** Keyword in the URL:

Seo basics

Also, add your Keyword in the URL or Slug of your Article. My opinion is to add just your keyword and does not any other thing in the URL.


Off-Page S.E.O:

Now you have learned all the On-Page SEO Basics and now we are going to start the Off-Page S.E.O. This is the biggest factor in ranking your site in search engines.

As the name indicates we have to do things which have no concern with your Page or Article. In this type of Optimization, we have to build authority in our niche by building Backlinks related to our niche. Now you will how to build authority and rank your site on Top in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

*** Web Directory Submission:

In google search about the list of web directories and submit your website there. But please do proper submission, choose the right category ( niche related ) and add proper headings and descriptions. Do not buy links submit the site free.

*** Blog Commenting:

Do commenting in your niche on different blogs and in the URL section add your website or blog link.

*** Profile Backlinks:

You can also build authority by making some profile backlinks. Different sites like Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, etc allows you to add URL. You just have to make accounts there and in the about section, you can add your website Link.

*** Guest Posting:

This is one of the oldest methods of building links back to your site. Search for the sites that accept the guest posting in your niche and contact them and ask them that you can write for them or whatever they want. This is a very useful method to build your authority.

*** Social Bookmarking and Social Media Sharing:

Bookmark your site on different social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Delicious etc and share your site on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Google pays attention while ranking your site that how much popular you are on social media.

These are some of the best ways to build backlinks but only building links is not enough you also have to index them. Otherwise, they are as you have not created them.


3. Useful SEO Tips for the Beginners:

Off-Page SEO Basics are also complete and now you will learn some of the useful SEO Tips. Because most of the beginners make lots of mistakes while doing Search Engine Optimization and get penalized by Google. But if you use my SEO Tips I am very much sure that you will never get banned by Google or any other Search Engine.

  • For the beginners, my advice is not to buy backlinks until you properly learn what is the right way to manipulate Google.
  • Be consistent in Building Links. And do not build tons of links in a single day, as this is not a natural way. Build 2 to 3 links a day.
  • Do not build too many profile links.
  • Write good quality articles and spread them on social media. Do not immediately build links to your newly created articles. Better is to wait few days.
  • While doing Social Bookmarking do not just bookmark your site instead bookmark others sites also. Only bookmarking your links is considered Spam.


So, I have covered up all the SEO basics for the beginners as good as I can in this article but if you think that still, something is missing you can ask me in comments. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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