How to Rank an Event Blog Within 2 Months? | My Complete Case Study

rank event blog fast

I’m sure you all know what event blogging is that is why you have come here to learn how to rank event blog quickly on Google or any other Search Engine.

We all know that with event blogging we can earn thousands of dollars within a short time. But this happens only if we able to rank in the top 3 or 5 positions of Google for our main keyword.

In this article…

…I’m going to explain to you my complete case study how I ranked my event blog for my main keywords and some secondary keywords on the top 3 positions of Google within 2 months.

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My Complete Case Study on How I Ranked my Event Blog

Topics which I’m going to cover…

  • Which domain I have purchased
  • Which Blogging Platform I have used
  • How many articles I have written
  • How I have done the On-Page SEO
  • Techniques I have used for Off-Page SEO

Before I explain these points step by step, let me show you the screenshots on how well I ranked on Google.

The keywords on which I have worked have moderate competition and you also have to choose such keywords which have low to moderate competition with high search volume if you want to rank your event blog fast.

My Main keyword was Ramadan Wishes.

In the screenshot, you can clearly see that my site is in the top 3 on Google.

rank event blog fast

Similarly, another keyword was Ramadan Wishes 2018.

Here you can also see in the screenshot that my site is at position 1 on Google for this keyword.

rank event blog

Now, after seeing my success you want to read my article further as now you know that I am not lying. And trust me, I am going to tell you exactly what I have done so you can also start your own event blog and rank it on Google fast.

Let’s come to the point now!

Which Domain I have Purchased

For an event blog, exact match domain (EMD) is a must. And I have done the same, my main keyword was Ramadan Wishes and I have bought a domain,

ramadanwishes2018.(…) (can’t reveal the name)

You can purchase any extension like .com, .info, .net, .in, .pk etc. But try to purchase an EMD.

Which Blogging Platform I’ve used

No doubt WordPress is the best blogging platform for SEO point of view and I have used WordPress too but you can also use the BlogSpot (not much recommended) as here you don’t have to pay for hosting.

If you are new to this field and also have a funding problem, then I recommend you to choose BlogSpot.

How many Articles I’ve Written

Those who say that to rank an event blog daily article writing is a must then I should say they don’t have any knowledge of SEO.

Because I have written hardly 5 to 6 articles of 600+ words each and I have updated my blog weekly and not daily.

One more misconception, people or I must say so-called SEO Experts say that for event bog we can post spun or copied content. This is not true, as this will not help you in any way. You must write unique and appealing content.

How I have done the On-Page SEO

Let me clear you one thing…

…the SEO (both on and off-page) for an event or short-term blog is different from a long-term blog. Always keep this in mind!

Here the tricky part is…

You must select a single page theme as you want to rank your homepage. In WordPress, there are many free single page themes available, you can select anyone.

Please Note: Only put your main quality content on the homepage and others should not appear on the homepage.

After picking the theme I have done the following.

As I have ranked my homepage on Google, I have added my main Keyword in,

  • Title
  • Description
  • H1 Heading
  • H2 Heading
  • H3 Heading
  • 3 to 5 times in the article

I know that it is keyword stuffing, but as I have already mentioned that SEO for short and long-term blog is totally different.

For short-term blogs, if we don’t use some black hat techniques we can’t rank quickly in Google.

Techniques I have used for the Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO carries more than 50% weight in ranking the event blogs. Here I am going to show you step by step, how and how many backlinks I have built.

Let me clear you something,

Do not build all the backlinks in a single or a couple of days instead of work at a natural pace. Start building backlinks after almost 10 to 15 days of creating the blog.

I have used the following techniques. [You can follow your own order]

  1. Comment Backlinks

I have built almost 50 to 60 dofollow comment backlinks. I have used different variations of Anchor Texts.

  • Naked URL
  • Main Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Brand Names

I haven’t built these backlinks to just the homepage. About 10 to 15 links were built to the inner pages also.

  1. Forum Posting

Here with forum posting, I mean real posting and no profile backlinks. I have built 3 to 5 niche related forum backlinks on different forums.

Here I have used only the naked URL of my Homepage.

  1. PBN Links

I have bought around 6 PBN links with exact match anchor text. I have bought them from SEOClerks at a very cheap price.

My main buyer was this.

rank event blog

One more thing, always provide your own content. I highly recommend writing unique articles also for PBNs, as this will help you more in achieving higher rankings than duplicate or low-quality content.

  1. Guest Post

I have posted an article on SelfGrowth and again with exact match anchor text. If you also want a dofollow backlink from this authority site you can buy from here.

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  1. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is also very important as from here you will get nofollow links which are also very important for the natural backlink profile.

I have built around 10-15 Nofollow Social Bookmarking Backlinks all with different titles and descriptions. Here I have done social bookmarking to some of my inner pages also.

  1. Social Signals

Lastly, I have also given my homepage some social signals. The main sites which I have used are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumbleupon
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr


Only creating backlinks is not enough you also have to focus on indexing your backlinks so they help you move the needle for you.

Wrapping it Up!

Now, you have a clear overview of my case study on how I rank my event blog in a short time. My main keyword had moderate competition and if you are also trying to rank a low or moderate competition keyword you can follow my strategy.

But if your keyword has somewhat high competition then you must increase the number of backlinks to almost double.

If you still have any question regarding event blogging you can ask me directly by commenting.

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