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How to get web 2.0 high quality Backlinks

Everyone knows the importance of high-quality backlinks and in this post, I will tell you how to get PR 5-9 web 2.0 backlinks. According to Google new policies, Google loves natural backlinks. And the most common and best way to get natural backlinks is through web 2.0 sites. Create backlinks yourself and also ask your friends to give you backlinks on these sites if they are using them. Learn some more ways to get quality backlinks.


High-quality web 2.0 backlinksweb 2.0

This is the easiest way to get backlinks to your site but most of the people do not use this method. Now I will tell you how to rank your site on top by using this method.

First of all, you need to make accounts on web 2.0 sites. WordPress, Weebly, bloggers etc all are web 2.0 sites and you can easily find a list by searching it on Google. I will explain only for one site because the process is same so you just have to repeat the same process on other sites.

1 step:

Open bloggers and make an account there. If you already have one that is good.

2 step:

Select a topic and write posts about it. Write about 5 to 8 posts and then make a post relating to your website topic. After writing it, add anywhere in the post one or two focus keywords relating to your website and then hyperlink these keywords and add your website link there.

3 step:

You are finished and you have successfully made a high-quality keyword backlink to your website.


            Be careful:

Do not stuff the links in your posts. I mean do not give a link in every second post because this is unnatural. Google instantly understands that you are making backlinks yourself and Google will instead of ranking your site on top de-rank your site.


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