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twitter followers

Most of the people who have Twitter accounts struggle to get followers. But now their problem is solved. In this post, I am going to tell you how to get Twitter followers completely free.

Some people get Twitter followers by buying them but these followers stop following after some weeks or months. The method that I am going to tell you is 100% genuine and the followers are also real.


twitter followers

How to Get Twitter Followers?

The method is simple. click here to join this website. Only one twitter account is allowed. After signing up add your Twitter account there. In this system, you have to earn points by viewing other’s website for 15 seconds and then use these points to get Twitter followers.

You have heard about lots of other websites which are giving followers but this website is a bit different. The followers in other websites unfollow you after some days but on this website the followers are permanent.

How does this work?

You can earn points by viewing websites, by following others on Twitter, by retweeting other’s tweets and by liking Facebook pages.

So now you have earned points.

Now use these points to get followers. You can use 20 – 50 points to get twitter followers. When you use 20 points your visibility on this website is less than 50%. So I recommend you to use 50 points per follower. In this way, your visibility is 100% and you will get twitter followers fast.

The specialty of this website is that when a follower after some days stops following you, you will get your points back. So no follower will stop following you because when he do this he will lose his points and you will get back your points.

Other Services of this Website


In this website, you can also get retweets for your tweets.

To get retweets, click on Retweets and add your Tweets there. And the rest of the process of assigning credits is the same as described above.

In this way, you can get retweets for your Tweets as much as you want. And these tweets remain forever on other’s Twitter profiles and helps in increasing your sales and business.

Facebook page likes:

Another very exciting service that this website provides is that it also provides your Facebook pages unlimited likes. I mean likes depends on how much credit you have and how much likes you want.

The Specialty of this Website

The specialty of this website as I have described above is that,

  1. Your Twitter followers are 100% original and are forever
  2. Your Retweets are real and also forever. They won’t be deleted.
  3. Similarly, your Facebook page likes are by real people and also forever.

How to earn credits?

There are lots of ways to earn credits to assign.

1. You can buy credits.

2. You can earn credits by viewing websites for 15 seconds.

3. You can earn points by liking other’s Facebook pages.

4. You can earn credits by retweeting other’s Tweets on your Twitter.

5. This website also has a referral program. Each time when you refer someone and when that person verifies his email address you get 100 points. And this does not stop there when this referral buys credits you will get 5% of his credits.

So these are the five ways to earn points.


Now you do not need to buy any more Twitter followers and Facebook page likes. I have explained everything in detail. I hope you’ll understand it easily and it will surely help you.

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