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A step by step complete SEO guide

SEO is a very complex thing. It requires lots of time to learn it. In this guide, I am going to tell you about search engine optimization which I have learned in about 5 years. So without wasting any time, let’s start the SEO guide.

SEO guide

A Step by Step SEO Guide

  • SEO starts with a website. Before making a website you have to do a proper topic and keyword research. After selecting this you have to buy domain and hosting planThis is the first and very important step of search engine optimization. Before I tell you further, please make sure that you select only those topics in which you have knowledge. Do not select irrelevant topics.
  • Next step is On-Page optimization. I have already given this guide in my one of the posts so I am not going to explain it in detail in this post. To learn this in detail check my this post.

  Off – Page SEO

This Off-Page optimization is very important in ranking your website and getting traffic. Without proper Off-Page SEO, your website is nothing. So let’s learn how to do this.

  1. Submit your website to Search Engines.
  2. Submit sitemaps of your website to search engines so they easily crawl all the pages of a website. This is not very important because search engines are now very advance, when you submit your website URL to search engines they crawl your pages. So step 1 is enough but if you want you can also submit sitemaps.
  3. Submit your website to Blog directories. Submit only to high page rank directories. I mean to those which have page rank 3 and further.
  4. Bookmark your website to different Social bookmarking sites but please avoid spamming.
  5. Create backlinks to your website. Not just creating backlinks is enough you also have to index backlinks. The backlinks which are not indexed by google are useless. Only create quality backlinks because low-quality backlinks harm your website instead of giving benefit.

So one more thing I want to tell you about SEO and that is, that also hire an SEO expert for your website. This is not must it depends on you if you need someone or not. You can hire experts at Cheap Prices from here. Do not hire for all the work. Do SEO yourself and where you find difficulties hire an expert and give him the task to do it for you. In this way, you can solve your problem in 2-5 dollars.

My final words about SEO are that it can never be finished. You have to do SEO regularly in order to maintain your top position in Google. Search engine optimization never stops.

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