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Rank your site by learning about SEO in 2016

Seo in 2016 has changed a lot. Everyone wants to learn about Google new policies so he can rank his site better on search engines. And today in this article I am going to tell you about What S.E.O looks before and what it looks in 2016. So you can do S.E.O, as Google demands in 2016.

What S.E.O looked in 2011-2015:

  • Before we learn about SEO in 2016 I want you to take a look at older S.E.O.

In past years you have heard a lot about Domain Authority. Many S.E.O Experts said that if your domain authority is high you will rank better in search engines and the two best tools were Moonsy and SEMRUSH. You worked hard to increase your domain authority by building as many backlinks as you can. So that was the S.E.O in these past years.

Now take a look at new S.E.O.

Seo in 2016

What is SEO in 2016?

  • First of all the term Domain Authority do not work in 2016.

Example – In 2016 Google has banned some of the sites which have Domain Authority more than 60. As you know to achieve this number, it requires lots of hard work.

The question is, why Google has banned such high authority sites?

  • The answer to this question is very simple. As you know Google has its own methods to measure the quality and authority of a site, and Google has never revealed these methods. But Domain Authority is Moonsy and SEMRUSH metrics. When you build backlinks to your site, these tools make the metrics according to the link juice the other sites pass to you. Whatever you build profile backlinks, web directory submission or etc these tools just see the link juice coming from these sites and give you the number of Domain Authority. So when Google saw these sites, although they have lots of backlinks they are not ranked for even a single keyword in Google. Then Google decided to penalize these Spammy sites. The reason googles penalized such sites is, Google wants to earn more from AdWords and want the trust of AdWord users.


So far you have learned about google reason of penalizing the sites and now you will learn how to do SEO in 2016 to make your site fit for Google new policies.

How to do S.E.O in 2016?

There is no change in On-Page S.E.O just a little change in Off-Page S.E.O ( in building backlinks ). In this year those backlinks which are easy to get not work for you.

1. Profile Backlinks As we all know this is the easiest way to get links back to your site. This will not work in 2016. Avoid building too many profile links.

2. Web Directory Submission – This also not works. Do not spend time and money on building such backlinks. Article directory also comes in this category.

  • If this not works then how to build back-links?

Google want more naturalness. So try to build natural looking backlinks. You can build backlinks through following ways:

  1. Guest posting is the King.
  2. Build Niche related links.
  3. Participate actively in forums.

A very important Thing !!

Do not just build backlinks to your Homepage, also build links to your inner pages.

If you follow this guide you will see ranking your site on top and you will not get penalized by Google.

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