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How to write a good quality seo based content

I have heard many times people saying what is a quality content and how to write it. I have already answered this question on many forums and now I am explaining this topic in detail. So you can learn all the things to write an SEO based quality content for your website or any other thing.


quality content


Learn what is a quality content:

Definition :

A content which has all the information about the topic and it is written with good headings and pictures. And readers do not find any difficulty in finding what they want.

This is the small definition of a quality content now I will explain it in detail.

Explanation :

  1. Before writing a content collect all the necessary information about it and make notes. When you think that you have collected all the info, then start writing the content. This is the first and very important step because without any handful information you cannot write a quality content.
  2. In content add headings, do not write straightaway because readers find this difficult to read and they leave your post without reading it even if you have useful info.
  3. Do not write lengthy posts try to make your content shorter. It will be good if you manage your content within 300-500 words.
  4. Order matters a lot. Avoid writing randomly. The thing which should come on start does not write in end or in the middle.
  5. Where possible explain the content with pictures or videos. And add at least one picture in the content as I have done. This makes your content beautiful.
  6. Bolding is also very important but corrects one. Do not bold randomly, bold your focus keywords or your links, so that they are easily readable.
  7. You can also add inbound or outbound links relating to your topic.


So these are my simple techniques to write a quality content. I hope it will help you in writing a good content and this will surely increase your number of visitors. One great thing is, if you write good quality content then you will get natural backlinks.

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