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PTC sites – Earn money from home without investment

PTC sites are now a days big source of earning money at home. As you all have heard about PTC sites and some of you are already making money from them. I am going to tell you about some of the best PTC sites and how they work. And especially how to earn good money from them. The best way to make money from home based jobs.

Before I tell you about PTC sites check this post to learn how to get unlimited referrals for PTC websites

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Home based jobs – Make money from PTC sites:              

This is a well-known PTC site. Some are earning good money from it but most of them are not. The reason is that the key to success in PTC websites is referrals. Without referrals, you cannot earn just more than a few cents.
1)  Try to get referrals from your referral link.
2)  Complete tasks and offers.
3)  Complete the daily checklist to earn a bonus.
4) View ads daily.          
5) This website has 8 levels referral program. So you will not just earn from your direct referrals but also from their referrals.


This is also an easy way to make money online.
In this you have to:
1)  Shorten your links e.g your website links and any other your links.

2)  Then you have to spread these links where you want. Like on Twitter, on Facebook, and on your websites.

 3)  When someone clicks these links you will be paid.
4)  Just spread the links and people will earn you money.
5)  This also has a referral program and you receive 20% commission for life.
Those who are already using PTC websites and making money from them. I want to tell them that key to success in PTC websites is only through referrals. No referrals no success.

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