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What are natural backlinks and how to create them

When we search on the internet anything about how to create backlinks, we read on different blogs and websites, that Google loves natural links, so please create natural backlinks and do not spam Google otherwise Google will penalize your site. So I have searched a lot about this bloody word natural backlinks and at last, I found what I want. So in this post, I am going to share my all efforts about how to create these natural backlinks.


What are the natural backlinks?

The answer to this question is:

Those backlinks which other people create not you yourself are natural. For example, if someone read you post and he/she liked it, so if that person put your link into his post or website, then that backlink you will get is a natural one.

natural backlinks

How to create backlinks for SEO?

  • The most common and the easiest way to create natural backlinks is through producing quality content. The content matters a lot. If you write super quality content, readers will share your content more and they will also post your content link on their sites or blogs. In this way, you will get good quality backlinks.
  • After writing a post share it on social media as much as you can. Because if more readers read your post more are the chances that they will share your post on their sites. ( But the condition is that if you have quality content ).
  • Before creating backlinks increase the social share of your article. This is a very natural way. As Google then thinks that due to popularity on social media this article is getting backlinks.


Do not rely only on natural backlinks:

This is modern age, so do not rely only on natural links. Natural link building takes time and no wants to wait years to create them.

I advise you that create high-quality backlinks yourself but please take some precautionary measures.

  1.   Do not create a bulk of links in a single day.
  2.   Create only 2-5 links daily.
  3.   Create backlinks from different IP’S.
  4.   Only create high-quality backlinks.
  5.   Create both dofollow and nofollow links.

So this is the complete answer to question how to create backlinks for SEO.


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  1. Awesome article, i am looking for the backlink guide , finally found it in your blog() . thanks for sharing this .

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