A Complete Mobile Repairing Course in Urdu With Video Tutorial

mobile repairing course in urdu

Mobile Repairing Course in URDU: As I’ve mentioned, that I will give you a mobile repairing course in Urdu, but sorry I will write everything in English and the Videos or tutorials will be in the Urdu Language.

So do not worry about that…

This Urdu tutorial will teach you, how to repair almost all kinds of mobile models and all the basics of hardware repairing. This tutorial is specially designed for beginners who are willing to learn mobile repairing without joining any courses that cost too much.

Mobile Repairing Course in URDU


I’ll give you a complete repairing course or tutorial that will help you in understanding how to repair mobile phones yourself at Home.

Let’s begin with the process step by step.

This complete video tutorial is divided into three Parts. We will go through the mobile repairing course in Urdu one by one. I am very much sure that when you go through the tutorial you will learn everything you want to learn, as everything has been explained clearly and in detail.

Lesson 1:

Let’s begin you with lesson number one. This is the lesson number one of this Urdu tutorial, where you will learn how to repair mobile phones. Watch Carefully, you can also pause the videos.


Lesson 2:

This is lesson number two of this mobile repairing tutorial in Urdu.


Lesson 3:

Now the last lesson and you are all done with the repairing course or tutorial.

Final Words!

So, this was the complete mobile repairing course in Urdu for you. I hope you liked it and learned a lot of new things from here. Keep visiting this blog for more tutorials and guides.

If you had any problem with this tutorial you can ask me through comments. I will be happy to answer all your queries.

Hope you have enjoyed it!

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