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Ways to earn money online in pakistan without investment

Earning money online is nowadays not a problem anymore. Anyone from anywhere can make money online in Pakistan at home for free. On the internet, there are lots of websites which are giving online jobs and ways to earn money. Some of the websites are fake and they never pay you that`s why people believe that online jobs are fake and there is no way to make money online.

Today I am going to show you proven and real ways to earn money online. With these methods, you can easily earn more than 500 dollars monthly. Before I tell you the ways, I want to tell you that to earn money online in Pakistan at home for free you need following 5 things.

  1. An internet connection
  2. A computer or laptop
  3. Paypal account
  4. Bank account ( to withdraw money from Paypal )
  5. A smartphonemake money online in pakistan


Ways to make money online in Pakistan at home for free:

1. Affiliate Program

There are lots of websites which are offering an affiliate program to make money online. When you sign up on their affiliate accounts, they give you a referral link and banners to spread their website or program. And when you bring sign-ups under your referral link or banner, they pay you the commission. So this is how the affiliate program works.

2. PTC websites

Nowadays PTC ( paid per click ) websites are also a good source to earn from home. You can also make money online in Pakistan using this method. Most of the people leave PTC websites after 2-3 days of joining them because no one can earn just more than a few cents daily from PTC websites without referrals. You have to be patient and try to bring referrals under your referral link to earn handsome amount of money from them. To learn more about some of the best PTC sites and how to get unlimited referrals see here

3. Using smartphone

Lots of apps are offering to make dollars from them. Most of them are real and they also pay you when you reach out the minimum payout. But the thing which matters is that which app is the highest paying app. So I have good news for the Android phone users because I know the highest paying app. But this app works only on the Android phone. You can get more information about this app from here.

4. Website and Blog

If you have a website or blog you can actually make money from it. But to earn money from your website you need traffic to your website. Okay, traffic is not what I am discussing in this post, the thing is how you can make money from your website.

There are lots of advertising websites which give you money when you place their ads on your website and when someone clicks on them. The best advertising company is Adsense but it is difficult to have an account on AdSense. If you have that is good but if not then try other companies. Adhitz is also a very good advertising company and it is very easy to create an account on it. 

5. SEO Clerks

This a very good service that gives you opportunities to meet different experts who solve your different problems relating to your website, SEO, Getting traffic and lots of other things. This is similar to Fiverr but it is cheaper than it.

So this is the overview of this site and this website has also offered ways to earn money from it. There are lots of ways through which you can earn money from this website.

If you know something about S.E.O or about any other thing, you can offer a service and when someone buys your service and you complete the job then you will be paid. Another way is that bring referrals under your affiliate link and when your referrals buy services from this site you will be paid 10% of their purchases and the earning from referrals is a lifetime. One great thing is that if your referral buys your service then you will pay 100% the amount that he purchases. To join this website click here

Wrapping it Up !!!

So, guys, these are some of the best ways to make money online in Pakistan at home for free. All are real methods. Now earning money online is not a dream anymore.

Hope you liked it!


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