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Learn how to make free calls on any number

Those who buy calling cards to contact their family members have a good news. Now you can contact your friends and family members without buying any calling card. An opportunity to make free calls anywhere in the word on any number.

make free calls

Learn how to make free calls:

There are lots of apps on the internet that are offering free calls. Even though some are genuine but the call quality is very poor. But the app which I am going to show is 100% proven app which gives you a high-quality phone call. This app is tested by me and lots of my friends and family members. So don’t think much about it, just download it on your mobile phone and enjoy calling your friends and family.

This app is called Text me. Download the app on your android or I phone mobile phone.


Requirements of the app:

  • You need an Android or Iphone mobile phone.
  • Only you need at least 1 MB of internet other partner need no internet access.
  • After downloading the app you have to create an account there. A very simple process.


How the Text me app works:

There is no complex thing in the app. You just need credits to make free calls directly on any number anywhere in the world.


How to earn credits?

You can earn the credits by:

  • Watching the videos.
  • Downloading and installing the apps.
  • You can also buy credits.


As free options are available so you do not need to buy credits. All the process is very simple, I hope you will not face any problem during the whole process. But in case, if you face any problem you can ask me by writing in the comment section.

Good luck and keep visiting this blog for more useful information.

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