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What actually are low quality backlinks ?

There is too much information on the internet about high-quality backlinks but very little information about low quality backlinks. Most of the bloggers have a question that what actually are low quality backlinks. And in this post, I am going to answer this question as effectively as much as I can.
low quality backlinks


What are low quality backlinks?

Honestly saying at the start when I started blogging and came to know the term backlink, I also did not know the difference between high-quality and low-quality backlinks.

I have studied a lot, researched a lot and took experts opinions about it. Then I know the difference and today I am going to spread this knowledge as much efficiently and effectively I can.

I will explain you step by step about low-quality links with headings:


1. Profile backlinks:

Profile links are of low quality. So avoid creating too many profile backlinks. The reason why profile backlinks are low quality is that there is an option of the homepage or you can add your links in Bio section, so Google knows everyone can make accounts and get links from there. That’s why Google does not give importance to these links.

When you buy any back-link service make sure that they are not offering profile links. If they are, simply do not buy it.

2. Links on other Niche:

If you get links from other niches, then your site rankings will go down. Google is smart enough to know, that how is it possible, that a money making niche get back-link from health niche.

So only build niche related backlinks.

3. Links on Outdated sites:

If you get a link from a site which is not updated since last six months, then this back-link is of low quality. So try to get links from those sites which update regularly.

4. Links which you buy:

Do not ever think of buying links from a site. This is the worst thing and Google hates unnatural methods. If Google knows that you have bought a backlink from a site, Google will penalize your site and you will never able to recover your site.


So these are low-quality backlinks. I these are low-quality links then what are high-quality backlinks.

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