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Some best tips to learn German language

Learn German either in or out of Germany with some of my personal tips. This all is my personal experience. I came to Germany in 2014 and in 1 year I have learned German up to B2 level. So follow my instructions to learn German as quickly as possible.

Learn German


Useful tips to learn the German Language:

Follow my these step by step instructions:

  • It does not matter you are in Germany or not, the school must me your priority. You must have to go to language school. Without visiting the school you cannot learn grammatically correct German.
  • If you are in Germany, make German speaking friends and try to spend 1-2 hours daily with them or at least 3 days a week.
  • I recommend you a book, buy it and do practice there. This will be very beneficial to you. ( The ISBN number of book is,  978-3-19-011657-7 )
  • There are also some apps on mobile phones that help you in learning the German language. Download them and take the full benefit of these apps.
  • Watch German channels daily. Watch films and cartoons, this will improve your listening skills. Cartoons are very good for the beginners.
  • Almost twice a week write an essay in German and then make corrections in it with your German teachers. This is very good practice for your writing skills.
  • Go to libraries and read German novels and stories. This will increase your vocabulary.
  • Try to learn every day minimum of 10 new words. Always learn noun with an article.

These are my some very useful tips to improve your German skills. You have heard that Practice makes the man perfect. So keep this in mind and do practice as much as you can. The thing which really matters is vocabulary. Try to learn as many words as you can.

                              Best of luck!

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