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How to get referrals for free for any website

How to get referrals for free?

Today I am going to show you how to get referrals for any PTC or any other website completely free. I will not charge even a single penny from you to tell my personal methods of getting unlimited Referrals. These methods are not for masterminds anyone can get benefit from these methods.To learn how to get referrals, follow my instructions which I have given step by step.
Do not give up, some of the methods take the time to get you unlimited referrals. But these are real methods you will surely get unlimited referrals. You have to give some time to learn how to get referrals. Some people do not know how to get referrals but it is not that much difficult.

how to get referrals


  1. Promote your referral link on different ad posting websites. Place your Ads in different ad posting websites. Use those which are free. For example Olx, Quiker, etc
  2. Use a website called (get ref). This website is great for getting referrals. Just sign up on this website and start getting referrals. Click the below link to sign up on this website
    Click here to Join
  3. If you have a website or blog then place your referral link there. These are great sources of earning referrals. If you don’t have website or Blog then I recommend you to make one.
  4. Place your referral link in different traffic exchange Websites. These are also a very good source of getting referrals.
  5. The easiest and common method of getting unlimited Referrals is that place your link on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and some other social media websites. I inform you that social media websites are a great source of getting referrals.
  6. You can also buy referrals from a very trusted site called Fiverr.  Sorry friends this method is not free you have to give 5$ to buy a gig. But I assure you that this works for you and give you referrals. I am also using this method. So this is 100% real method.
  7. Join the site called Microworkers to get unlimited referrals for any of your websites. This method is almost free. You can earn some money from here by doing little micro jobs and then use this money to buy referrals.You can buy one referral in 0.10$. I have got so many referrals for many sites.
  8. If you have a website or blog then join a site called Adhitz. Place the ads on your blogs and websites and when you earn 2$. Then place your referral link on this site and you will get a blast of referrals. This is a very trusted way to get referrals.
  9. I am giving you the Ultimate Strategy of Neobux. In this, you will find lots of ways how to earn good money with neobux and how to get unlimited referrals. But some of the methods work also for other PTC websites. This is a Zip file. Click the below link to download it. Completely free.                              Click here to download
  10. There are lots of articles submitting websites. Choose the high-quality websites and write articles there about your referral link, that what opportunities or benefits this website gives and then add your referral link there. These article submitting websites have thousands of daily visitors and this gives you lots of referrals.
  11. In Android in google play stores or in Apple in App-store under review section of different apps, make a review with your referral link.

So Friends use these methods to get referrals. I hope these methods will work for you because they work for me. I will continue increasing new methods. So enjoy learning how to get referrals for free.


Information :

                         Please note that getting referrals is not important. Important is to maintain a referral. And to keep the referral active.

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