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Cheap hostings and domains providing company

Before I tell you about HostGator cheap hostings and domains I want to tell you about hosting. Most of the people have a question that, What is hosting? I will try to clear this question as good as I can.

What is hosting?

Actually hosting means to keep your website online. So that your readers can read your website when they want. You yourself cannot turn your computer 24 h, 7 days a week on. So different hosting providing companies provide you this service. They have a very extensive network and they keep your website always online. So that’s why you need to buy hostings for your domains.

If you are using Blogger, Weebly, WordPress etc and use their domain then they provide you hosting free of cost. You need hosting only for your own domains.

Some people have a concept that hosting gives visitors but this is totally wrong. Hosting only keeps your website online. And visitors come only through SEO. Learn basics of search engine optimization to know what is SEO and what role it plays in getting traffic to a website.

Learn how to get traffic to website free with real ways. Because without traffic your website is nothing. You cannot get any sales or any other thing without traffic.

Hostgator cheap Hostings and domains:

Now I am going to tell you about the best and cheap hostings providing company. You can get here the best rates ever and I am also going to give you a coupon code through which you will get 25% discount on your first purchase. Super deal!   Get9discount  The word in bold letters is your coupon code. You will get the best rates here and the page loading speed of this hosting is also good. It means your website loads fast then other websites. Click the cheap hostings button to find more about rates and discounts.

Cheap hostings



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