Friday , June 22 2018
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Welcome to the Contact Page of my Blog !!!

Here you can contact me about any queries. I will try to answer all your queries within 24h.

If you are willing to write Guest Post on my Blog then you have to meet the following conditions and criteria to get approved.

Guest Post Guidelines

You have to take care of following things.

  • The only niche I accept is search engine optimization ( S.E.O ).
  • I accept only Case Studies.
  • The case study must be well researched.
  • You have to add screenshots to support it.
  • The article length must be 1000+ words.
  • Only 1 link in the Article is allowed.
  • You are not allowed to publish it anywhere else.

You can send me your articles for review if they met the above conditions. Here is an example of an article that I accept. Please see the article that I have written about Google Fred Update recovery.