Is Buying Backlinks harmful or not ?

buy backlinks

Backlinks are the most important part of S.E.O and also the difficult part. Most of the new web owners do not take the pain to build backlinks manually or naturally instead they buy backlinks from different platforms like Fiverr. But in this article, I am going to show you how buying backlinks can be harmful to your site.

Why should you not Buy Backlinks?

There are lots of reasons you should not buy the links back to your site. For Example:

  • They build low-quality Profile links.
  • The spinning level of articles is very low.
  • They do not take your task seriously.

So the links you buy are of very low quality and most of them are never indexed by Google. That is why I advise you not to buy such kind of bulk links.

Instead, buy Guest Post links as these are the links which are most loved by Google. And one more reason to buy these kinds of links is, most of the sellers demand you an article, so if you provide them unique article or highly spun article then your backlinks are 100% Indexed by Google and they will be useful. Otherwise, you totally waste your time and money.

An Experiment:

Now I am going to show you some of my links which I bought and they never indexed by Google because they are of low quality.

buy backlinks

As you can see the picture, I have bought a profile backlink. But this is a very low-quality link as it contains only the link and nothing.

Profile links are the most difficult links to Index. When Google bot sees such links with no content then the bot do not touch such links and they are never indexed by Google.

When you buy such links the seller just add your link in the link section and do nothing. But if you do it yourself then you fill up everything in it e.g Name, Bio, Address, everything. Because you are doing it for yourself. And the chance of such profile links containing lots of data to be indexed is increased.

buy backlinks

Take a look at another example.

As you can see in this picture the seller has no doubt give me a backlink from a good authority site but this link contains very little content. And every content below 300 words is considered spam by Google. That is why Google never Index such Links, No matter from which authority site they are.

buy backlinks

Take a look at this third example.

Sorry in the screenshot you cannot see the complete Article.

I have bought an EDU Link from a seller but this is also of low quality and not indexed. The article that seller used has more than 300 words but he did not use the unique content instead he spun the article and the spin rate is very low. That is why Google bot instantly detected the duplicate content and it did not index the article.

  • But when you yourself create such links, you definitely take into consideration such things. That is why advice everyone not to buy Backlinks.

Wrapping Up !!

Now the choice is yours that you want to waste your money or not. I have wasted my money that is why I am warning you not to buy backlinks services. These are totally spam.



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