5 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online in 2019

best affiliate programs

Looking for Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online in 2019? You have found the right page as here I’m going to tell you the 5 best affiliate programs to work on and earn minimum 1000$ monthly.

Anyone can join these affiliate programs and make money online. You don’t have to be an expert to join these programs but should know some strategies to promote affiliate products.

Enough of the Introduction!

Let’s come to our main topic and learn about all these affiliate programs step by step.

5 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2019

It does not matter where you live, anyone from any country can join these affiliate programs to make money online.

1. MaxBounty

Best Affiliate Program to make money online

This is #1 and one of the highest paying affiliate network. They claim that they call themselves Maxbounty as they are the highest commission paying network.

This is a very trusted company and you can join them without any risk. Just go to the signup page and create an account. The whole sign up process is simple but it requires approval.

After creating the account, the team members of the company will call you to know how you promote their products. You have to pick the call and tell some real ways like Email Marketing, SEO, SEM etc…

If you are able to satisfy them they’ll approve your account and you can then start promoting their products and earn huge commissions.

You can join this program from here.

2. Reverse-Diabetes Affiliate Program (Not Available)

Another very good and high paying affiliate program to make money online. They pay 75% commission to each sale made through your affiliate link.

Their product is high converting and you can earn great commissions.

The product cost is 37$ and the commission you’ll get will be 27.75$ which is totally amazing. You just have to send the targeted traffic and you’ll see some amazing conversions as their product is highly converting and cheap.

The whole signup process is simple and you don’t require any approval. Your account will be instantly created and you can start promoting their product right away.

3. Clickbank

This program also claims that they pay 75% commission to each sale. It is a company like MaxBounty which acts as a bridge between product owners and promoters.

Here the product owners add their products and the promoters promote it and earn affiliate commissions.

Watch this video to learn all about this system in detail with each and everything (A complete Beginners Guide).

You can join this program from here.

The signup process of Clickbank is also very simple and it also doesn’t require any approval.

4. JVZoo

affiliate programs

Like all the above-mentioned affiliate networks it is also one of the highly trusted and high paying program.

Everything is easy to understand, just visit their site or watch videos on youtube to learn each and everything in detail.

Visit this page to join their affiliate program.

5. Amazon

This is probably one of the oldest program but not as high paying as others. This is definitely a good program for those who are a beginner in affiliate marketing and want to learn it.

They have different rates to pay commissions for different products. See the below screenshot to see their rates:

best affiliate programs to make money

Here you can see their rates and could have a better understanding of which products you want to promote.

This program can be joined from here.


There is no credibility issue of these affiliate programs, all are highly trusted and high paying. Join any of them or all of them if you can and start promoting the products to earn big commissions.

The key to success in affiliate marketing is:

  • Highly Targeted Traffic
  • Sources of Traffic
  • The Way you Promote

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing then I highly recommend that you learn it first to be a successful affiliate marketer.

There is a very common saying:

Learning is Earning

Always, keep this in mind and you won’t fail.

Usama is a professional Blogger and a Digital Marketer. He is in this field since 2014 and writes on different topics like SEO, Online Money Making, etc.

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