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Learn how to get quality backlinks fast

Backlinks are the basic part of S.E.O ( search engine optimization ). You cannot rank your website on the top in Google without indexed backlink and therefore you will not get traffic to a website. As you know a website is nothing without traffic, so to get traffic to your website you need quality backlinks.


A few years ago Google ranks websites according to on-page SEO but now Google has changed his policies and now Google ranks your website according to off-page SEO. And backlinks is the vital part of off-page SEO. No backlink no traffic to a website.



Ways to get Backlinks:

There are lots of ways to get backlinks but I am going to tell you some of the basic and important methods.

  • Web directory submission   ( submit your website URL to free directories in the relevant category).
  • Article submission      ( submit articles to article submitting website with your URL )          
  • Guest Posting        ( write posts on other’s website with your links )
  • Blog comments          ( comment on do follow blogs relating to your website with your URL )
  • Social media          ( Post your website on social media sites )
  • Social Bookmarking     ( Submit your URL to social bookmarking websites )


Warning For You:

Please keep in mind that do not try to get a bulk of links to your website in a day. Google is very intelligent if you bring hundreds of backlinks to your website in a day than Google will instead of ranking your website up put your website down. Because this is spamming. Please do not spam your website. So instead of creating lots of backlinks in a single day, try to get 5-10 backlinks daily. This is very good for your website and you will get on the top of the Google quickly (within 6 months ).


Mobile Friendliness:

One more thing that I want to inform you that Google has updated his policies a few days ago and now your website mobile friendliness is also considered in ranking your website up. So also make your website mobile friendly. Check your website mobile friendliness from here.



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