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Rank keywords on top for almost any competition

This is a dream for everyone to outrank his competitors and get top positions in google search results. Although it is sometimes very difficult to rank keywords which have high competition but not impossible. Those keywords which have low or medium competition are far easy to rank higher than those which have high competition.

  • So my first advice is, choose those keywords in your posts which have low or medium competition.


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I will not go in the detail of how to check the keywords competition because there are many tools on internet from where you can check this. This post is about how to rank almost any keyword on top.


Learn how to rank keywords on top in Google

As we all know back-links plays vital role in ranking your site. So to rank your keywords or posts you have to build back-links to your this particular URL not to your Homepage. But this does not mean that you forget your homepage URL. Build back-links to both homepage URL and to the keywords URLs.

Don’t worry this is just the overview, I will explain it to you in detail.

  • Take a look at this example

I will explain you with my own keyword so follow me.


This is one of my URL which I want to rank on google. And my keyword is ” index backlinks fast “.  At this time when I search this keyword on google my site comes on number 23 in search results.

Now take a look at my competitors site, which I want to outrank so I get the position 1 in search results.


Now the question is what makes my site to come on number 23 and what makes my competitor site to come on number 1.

I got the answer when I checked the back-links pointing to my and my competitors site. The back-links pointing to my this inner page URL are 0 ( I am not talking about the homepage back-links ) and my competitors URL 98.

So to outrank my competitor I have to build more than 98 back-links to my this inner page URL.

  • Wow how simple is that ?

Actually this is not very simple, you have to be very careful in building back-links to your this URL.

Do not ever try to build profile back-links to your inner page URLs. This is very harmful, and is considered big spam by google.

Then how to build back-links ?

Build niche related comment back-links and ask others to add your URL as an outbound link in their posts.


If I have 0 back-links pointing to my URL then what makes it to come on number 23 :

Good question. Two things, yes only two things have made this possible.

  • Medium competition to this keyword
  • Quality back-links to my Homepage URL

Conclusion :

To rank keywords in google build quality back-links to both Homepage and Inner page URLs and also do not forget to choose low or medium competitive keywords.



  1. Hello, You refereed this post to me in a forum and let me tell you this is really helpful. Thanks for sharing. I have a question. You said build back-links so tell me do-follow back-links work only or no-follow back-links work too?

    • You should build both kind of backlinks to make the things look natural. But do follow links help in improving your site rank.

  2. Which backlink checker tool you use to see how many backlinks are pointing to your competitor site and your own site for particular keyword that you are trying to rank.

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