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Learn some of the best link building strategies

There are lots of link building strategies on internet but I am going to tell you some of the best, that really help you to rank your site on top in search results.

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Best link building strategies :

Every one has his own strategy but I am telling you the white hat seo strategies for link building. I am revealing the strategy which I use for my own blog and for my customers.

1. Number of backlinks :

The back-links should look natural so do not build more than 3-5 back-links a day. And always build a mix of both do follow and no follow back-links.

2. Be consistent :

Be consistent in link building and regularly update your website or blog, because google loves fresh content.

3. Use different IP’S :

IP matters a lot, do not build backlinks from single IP. Use different IP’S to build back-links.

4. Quality matters :

This is the most common factor that you have read a lot on internet. I am also using this strategy in link building because google loves quality not the quantity. So build high page rank links.

5. Avoid spamming :

Do not spam your backlinks. Now the question is ,

What is spamming and how to avoid it ?

  • Do not build backlinks on site that are not updated since last six months.
  • Do not buy backlinks.
  • Do not build back-links on other niche ( build back-links on your niche related sites )
  • Do not build back-links on a site which auto approves comments and which has already more than 100 comments.


  • Please note

Do not build too many profile backlinks as it is considered as spam. And one more thing that profile links are of low quality, so avoid building too many profile links. Although they are easy to build but they harm your site rankings more.

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