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Top 2 ways to Earn money online in Pakistan

Today I am going to tell you how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Now anyone can earn money online. The method is 100% Genuine. And I will also give you the payment proof.

Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment :

The method is very simple, I will tell you about some of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Just follow my simple Guide.

earn money online in Pakistan


Best Platforms to Make Money Online :

The following 2 given platforms are the best one to earn money online without Investment.

How to work on these platforms :

Just follow the simple steps, applied to both these Platforms :

  • First of all you have to register yourself there. Don’t worry its free.
  • After successful registration you have to submit your offers, that what you can offer to your customers.
  • The best the services are, the more the customers you will attract.
  • When someone orders your service, complete the task well and with in a given time.
  • If buyers love your work, they will give you good reviews. And the more positive reviews you have, the more customers you have.

Please Note,

In order to earn money with this method you need some time but trust me you will earn great amount of money. Because when you post your offers they will not suddenly go to the top, it take few days till people watch your offers and then order you.

After publishing your offers spread them on different social media sites to gain views. The more views your offers have, the more quickly they go to the top.

How to Withdraw Money

As we all know that we cannot withdraw money in Pakistan through PayPal, but do not worry there are some other options given by these sites to withdraw money.

  • Fiverr

Leaving the PayPal option, there are 2 options left for us Payoneer and Bank transfer. So the choice is yours but I recommend you to use Payoneer as your primary payment option.

  • SeoClerks

Same here, by leaving the PayPal option, 2 options left Payoneer and Western Union. Use the one which is suitable for you.


Payment Proof :

Before viewing my payment proof let me tell you, that I am living in Germany so I can use PayPal account here and that is why I have shown you this as a Proof.

As I have mentioned above that I will also give you a payment proof, so here it is. Lets take a deep look on it and you will know that earning money online is not a dream anymore.

earn money online in PakistanAs you can see in the screenshot that I have initiated a Withdrawal request on 1 January 2017 and it is also completed successfully on the same date. And now I will show another screenshot where you see that I have received this payment from Fiverr on my PayPal account.

Let’s take a look on it.

earn money online in pakistan

I think you noticed, that the payment I received is not exactly 22$. So, let me tell you one thing that this is the transaction charges.


Key to success !

The key to success in this job is to satisfy your customers, if they are satisfied they will surely come back to you and give you positive reviews. Do not cheat your customers, be fair in your job and complete the task on time.

One more thing, if due to any reason you are unable to complete the task than refund the payments. Because one negative review will decrease the number of customers. And no one wants to decrease the chances of earning money.

Watch this tutorial in Urdu, to help you understand how Fiverr works and how to apply some of the best techniques to Earn more Money.


I have put my focus on Fiverr because if you learn how it works then you will automatically know about Seoclerks because both platforms work on same principle.

So guys you have learned in detail how to earn money online in Pakistan. Although there are tons of ways to make money online but in Pakistan these are one of the best methods. I have many friends on these sites from Pakistan who are earning more than 1000$ a month only working 2 to 3 hours daily just on these 2 Platforms.

Best of Luck !!!

Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment [ With Video Guide ]
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Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment [ With Video Guide ]
Learn how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. 100% Free way to earn money at Home. No Investment is Required. Be your own Boss !!
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